The Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles

15th to 17th November, Walcha NSW
The Freak Show - Festival of Motorcycles | Flat Track | Hill Climb | Customs | Smoke & Rubber
15th to 17th November, Walcha NSW
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Thrills & Spills, Curiosities & Wonderments

Dirt Hill Climb
Customs Motorcycle Show

Astounding Amusements
Show Off! Smoke and Rubber
Local Action
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Climb onto a motorcycle, any motorcycle, and the seriousness of life melts away. Doesn't matter if riding for you is about a sweeping mountain road, a blast along a bush trail, sliding around a dirt oval, or chugging down to the shops for a loaf of bread. No matter how you take your motorcycle, it just plain delivers that sense of Feel Good like no other.

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Flying Dirt & BURNT RUBBER. The most fun you can have with your leathers on!

American Flat Track

We’ve gone and built a regulation, competition-grade, 450-metre circumference flat track with perfectly cambered corners at either end, just so that you can get out there and bust some nice friendly dust.

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Dirt Hill Climb

Across the road from the Racecourse is a farm with a gentle grass-covered hill. As hills go, not very imposing. It wasn’t a hill you would notice, let alone tell yourself that one day it was a hill you would conquer. As such, because of this complete lack of attention in the pantheon of hills, it was sad.

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Donut Ring

Do you ever just get the urge to jump on your motorcycle, give it some gas and just go round and around in circles, kicking up dust, making a racket, for no reason other than why the hell not? Well of course you do. And that’s why we have a donut ring. Get in there and go wild. Best donut of the night judged by the roar of the crowd gets $500.00.

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Burn-Out Bar

And then there’s the Burnout Bar. Pull into a safety cage, secure the front wheel against the stops, dump the clutch and literally light up the tyre with every horse you can muster from your donk, all for the sheer why-the-hell-not insanity of destroying a perfectly good Michelin or Pirelli or whatever in front of delirious fans. Again, crowd says you deserve 500 bucks, you get 500 bucks.

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Wheelies & Stoppies

Nothing pleases a crowd like a streaker on a super cold day. But as we’re banning streakers and it’ll be November, we’ll all just have to settle for wheelie and stoppie action, brought to the crowd by you and your bike.

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What are you waiting for?
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Welcome to Walcha Your bike-friendly home away from home

About Walcha

The town of Walcha in the New England High Country sits on the map where the glorious Oxley Highway intersects Thunderbolts Way. That’s two of the finest motorcycle roads in the country. Position, position, position, as they say.

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If you decide to camp, you’ll hardly be doing it tough. The campground is carpeted with soft luscious grass. Cattle grow fat around here for a reason. Overhead, meanwhile, the Milky Way and its billion and four stars will keep you company.

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Local action

Head into Walcha. There’s plenty to do and see. The joint will be awash with motorcycle eye candy – folks from all over coming and going.

Hungry? There’s a local-regional food & wine extravaganza put on to lure you away from the Festival hub, rides for the kids, prize animals to check out, and plenty more besides.

Make sure you call in and see the Antipodean Tynkler and his incredible hand-built fantasticles constructed with “found” items – like the V16 supercharged two-stroke cruiser and other wonderments, in the town centre, just next door to the Old Walcha Cinema.

No need to ride or drive. Take the shuttlebus departing from the main Festival entrance on Darjeeling Road.

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30 Apr 19 - The flat track at the Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles is proving particularly popular with entries sliding in at a great rate.


Got something people want to buy?

30 Apr 19 - The Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles is now open for trade business.


Sons of the East CONFIRMED

29 Apr 19 - Sons of the East confirmed for Freak Show Festival of Motorcycles